MAX 1000ml Sport

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Ideal bottle for active people. Guarantee of the integrity of the rubber mouthpiece makes competition has no chance!

  • 60 mm diameter of bottle filler.
  • Mouthpiece with a thermo-plastic rubber is soft, durable and easy to use.
  • the reserved model of screw caps ensure an unprecedented ease use
  • embossed space for fingers provides high ergonomics
  • 100% tightness

Available colors of bottle:

blackred pms185transparentwhite

Available colors of cap:

blackblue dark PMS 280blue mid PMS 285green mid PMS 354red PMS 185white PMS Whitedark yellow PMS 137yellow PMS 102

Available colors of rubber mouthpiece

blackBlue PMS 280Blue PMS 299Green PMS 357Orange PMS 021Red PMS 200Yellow PMS 102

Price from: 5,83 pln net

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