650ml Standard Promo

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High class, made from the highest quality materials. Bike bottle which competition can only envy. Extra space at the top of the bottle to print your graphic on.

  • 42 mm diameter of bottle filler.
  • Mouthpiece with a thermo-plastic rubber is soft, durable and easy to use.
  • 100% tightness

The perfect gadget, printed advertising do not vanish even under the influence of the solvent! You can choose any color that is not on the list below when you order 5000 pcs!

Available colors of bottle:

blackwhite pms whiteclearYellow PMS 102pms 021red pms 185Green Olive pms 375blue mid pms 285blue dark pms 280silver

Transparent colors of bottles:


Available colors of cap:

blackwhite pms whiteclearyellow light pms 102yellow mid pms 123yellow dark pms 137red pms 185red dark pms 200Magenta light pms 226Green Olive pms 375
pms 354blue sky pms298cyan p cyan hexblue mid pms 285blue night pms 300blue pms 293blue dark pms 280pms 429silverpms cg9

Available colors of rubber mouthpiece

blackwhite pms whiteYellow PMS 102red pms 185Green Olive pms 375pms 638blue dark pms 280

Price from: 3,99 pln net

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