Plastic Bottles

400ml Standard

The slender, transparent bottle in combination with a custom storage capacity makes this bottle a favorite of women and younger athletes. Large advertising surface ensures that this is the perfect advertising gadget.



550ml Standard

Ideal for children but also for professionals who are looking for something more than just a container for drinks.




650ml Standard Promo

High quality, made of finest materials, and sealed with a rubber mouthpiece bike bottle which competition can only envy.



800ml Standard

Unusual ergonomics in combination with high quality. The rubber mouthpiece to facilitate quick and easy drinking.


600ml Big Mouth

Another from a series of superb bike bottles of unprecedented quality. The rubber mouthpiece, guarantee of tightness, low price are just a few of the many advantages presented by this European manufacturer of water bottles.



750ml Big Mouth

If you are very demanding and you are looking for a high quality water bottles you are in the right place! The rubber mouthpiece, 100% tightness are just 2 of many attributes of presented model.


600ml Max

The newest addition to the Max cap family. This 600 ml version, with our 62 mm wide Max cap and spout, fit’s perfectly into even the smallest MTB frame. With an extremely pliable body and robust neck which enhances your drinking pleasure for many years.


800ml Max

When you drink from our redesigned MAX cap and spout and you’ll discover perhaps the easiest push/pull spout on the market. It’s pure pleasure!


1000ml Max Bike

Sensational bicycle bottle ! The best on the market, the rubber mouthpiece, 100% tightness. Used by professionals now in very low price.




1000ml Max Sport

Ideal bottle for active people. Guarantee of the integrity of the rubber mouthpiece makes that competition has no chance!

400ml Bio Bidon

Eco-friendly water bottle. Our Bio-Bidon bottles 100% BPA free, and fully bio-degradable.


550ml Snap-on

This fast and easy-to-use clip allows you to easily close the bottle cap. Round, embossed handle is very practical for smaller hands such as children. Perfect bottle for printing you logo on.



800ml Snap-on

The classic bottle with a small difference; fast, easy to open lid latch provides practical and well use every time. Additional printing space on top of the water bottle.